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A 2D Digital Drawing of Ta'Neal

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About Me

Hello! My name is Ta'Neal Chandler.I'm a Voice Actor looking for
eLearning, Character, Audiobook, and Commercial Narration work.
I have a knack for the vocal arts and a B.A. in Media Studies from Pomona College. As an Atlanta based
Voice Over Artist, I have a handful of credits to my name, including characters in podcasts, audiobooks, internal business videos, and voicing for my YouTube channel, Wondrous Wandering Wares. I also have plenty of VO training through the Atlanta Voiceover Studio and the Neighborhood Studio.
When I'm not performing in front of a mic, I'm busy digitally drawing characters, developing several ideas for novels and comics, and spending an evening or two in Tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. I also groom dogs~If you're interested in my profile pic, I drew it myself!
Check out more of my work on my art website, Coda's Corner.
Let me know how I can help you, and thanks for stopping by!


"Issaura's Claws" Audiobook
Voice of Rosalyn and Additional Voices
Amazon Audiobook Link
"Dreambound" Audio Drama
Voice of Sal and Additional Voices
Episodes on Apple Podcast
- Episode 2 :: A Queer Ally :: Sal
- Episode 7 :: Prayers and Dreams :: Additional Voices
- Episode 8 :: The Rainbow City :: Sal and Additional Voices
- Episode 10 :: Proto’s Proposal :: Sal
- Episode 11 :: Assault on Ar Sha Caverns :: Sal
- More about "Dreambound"
"Pasithea Powder" Audio Drama
Voice of Jordan
- Episode 12 :: Over to You :: Start @ 13:10
- Episode 15 :: Say Hi to Your Girlfriend :: Start @ 1:10
- More about "Pasithea Powder"
"Parselings" Kickstarter Promotion
Voice of Alice
Video - Start @ 0:40
Various Scripts
for eLearning, Internal Business Use, and an Audiobook under NDA
"Nexus Underground" Webcomic
Voice of Nairi
Webcomic Video: Link
Webcomic Chapters if you'd like to read: Link
"Wondrous Wandering Wares!"_
Voice of Lyric and Artist
YouTube Channel
"Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids..." Audiobook
ACX Profile :: Audiobook Sample


I can be contacted at taneal@tchandlervoice.com
You can also find me on VOPlanet and Voice123.com!